The Background of MPG: Organisation and Rationale

In many respects, living standards are improving. But the mental health problems of society are intensifying and can be seen in areas such as family break down, problems of sexual abuse, domestic violence, poor educational standards, and child neglect.

Many voluntary and charitable groups work to influence Government on social policy in relation to these issues. Some are successful, but there are drawbacks. They tend to be too comfortable and there is reliance on Government financial handouts. Such groups often do not have a vision of the ‘bigger picture’ and operate in comfortable, narrow grooves.

They perform financially and socially necessary roles.  But a much more dynamic and radical approach is need to tackle society’s problems.

MPG aims to fill that gap, whilst complementing and building on the good work already done.

The core drive is that the biopsychosocial problems plaguing society can be dealt with by concentrating effort on improving the key ‘relationships’ that govern emotions and therefore behaviour   between Government, society and the population, and on a more fundamental basis – perhaps the most important aspect -  between families, parents and their children.

MPG will function at several levels, essentially forming synergies with knowledge organisations and conduits for the dissemination of the research and expertise that can fundamentally change the level of understanding of how a child develops and how society can be healthier and more stable. The principals and associates are experts from a wide variety of fields, reflecting the ambitious goals that MPG is working on. The intention is to make this expertise available as widely as possible.

MPG guides and shapes policy and media attitudes according to need and is not dictated to by political ideology.

MPG will work with the professionals working on the frontline in the key policy areas – such as social and children’s homes workers, those working in the family courts – thus harnessing and tapping into the key expertise that can help and change those most in need of help.

MPG has a robust and substantial knowledge evidence-base that creates the potential to prevent the extreme levels of misery, unhappiness and their consequences that afflict society.

With the enormous leaps forward in evidence based research, growing awareness of the biological, psychological and societal contributors to psychological welfare and disease, outcome studies and empirically based research in the psychological and social sciences, MPG will seek to generate interventions and policies that will turn lives round and build a much stronger sense of community.

MPG is the process of organising media partners and in becoming an agent to complement information dissemination activities so that it can reach as wide and populist an audience as possible, through best-selling books, the internet, popular television, chat show hosts and guests, radio, etc.

The goal is to drive home the huge wealth of scientific information from world experts as well as experienced clinicians working in hands-on capacities with the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised of families.

In outline the goals are:

  • To disseminate and raise awareness of the enormous body of evidence-based research on human emotional well being, psychological awareness and insight, and interpersonal relational health to as wide an audience as possible
  • To influence attitudes and policies at personal, local, regional and national levels in an attempt to stop history repeating itself
  • To make available to commissioners, providers and service custodians, politicians and public alike, a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge base of how people and societies can be enabled to thrive
  • To provide for discussion and debate, as well as for inspirational cutting edge dialogues between professionals, organisations, policy makers, the general public and government.  By this means we hope that creative linking and mutual learning will stimulate the formulation and elaboration of ways of moving forward towards far more creative and emotionally healthy ways of living than ever before
  • To seek out media and policy opportunities through the conduits we have already set up.
  • The overarching aim of MPG is to promote biopsychosocial expertise to a wide audience (public, government, media), so that this knowledge and understanding can be used to bring about positive change in our society. Essentially  MPG aims to be a conduit between those with the expertise and those who can apply it to good effect.