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Melanie Gill on MPG

MPG is establishing itself as a charity, think-tank and pressure group, and is also developing commercial business to sustain itself. Among our first projects is a major new book by Penelope Leach on how parents who separate can best meet their children’s needs for continuing love and security. All the proceeeds from this exciting new work focusing on the latest findings of attachment science will go to MPG. Production of "Family Breakdown: helping children hang on to both their parents",is now underway and it is scheduled to be available in May.  

Stop Press: The book was launched to the legal profession at a reception in London at the beginning of February. More details here.   

The Mindful Policy Group is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of experts and practitioners. Our goal is to place attachment science (how human beings develop) at the heart of policies relating to children and families.   Doing so will lead to a happier, more harmonious and caring society. It also has the potential to help save billions of pounds in public expenditure through better targeting of resources and services.   


We cannot do everything at once, so the short-term goals are a more effective care system, a much more integrative and less confrontational family court process, and recognition by everyone working with families and children that they should honour our Children’s Pledge.

The group has been gathering momentum for the past seven years with a multi-disciplinary team of experts in the field, and has now formally launched itself under the chairmanship of Tim Loughton, who through his work as children’s minister and an MP, has been a driving force.  A list of other members of MPG is here.